06: Cruising: The Caribbean
The DR Bubble

The DR Bubble

The Marina de puerto Bahia in Samana, Dominican Republic:


The music is playing at a soothing decibel.

No honking.
No garbage.

Where are the stray dogs?

We still in the DR? Doesn’t feel like it.

Shiny, glazed white ceramics – in shape of coral; sea anemones – sit atop white ottomans; plush pillows lie in piles atop couches which are spread all about, creating niches for patrons to chat, drink a beer, catch up on email. Soft background music adds to the ambiance: songs are jazzy, tamer versions of their originals (They managed to subdue Abba’s Dancing Queen to the point where it’s actually boring now…how do you do that?).

Image 16
LED fishies.
Image 18
Swanky bar.
Image 17
Bob and Stéphane enjoying some bar time.
Image 20
Cool texture on the floor.
Image 19
He charged me only 100 pesos for his picture!






Spa, gym, real showers! And we can catch up on laundry too…not a bad place to spend a few days (and my birthday!)

I feel like someone accidentally let us into a very exclusive club; at any moment they will discover their mistake and we will be promptly ejected from this posh little DR bubble.

But for now, we’ll soak it up.

Image 6
Infinity pool overlooking the docks. Swanky, right?
Image 5
The lounge / bar.
Image 8
Spent my birthday with some kind of cold/flu. If you’re going to be sick, you might as well be sick with an amazing view. Spent the afternoon snoozing out here.
Image 7
Beautiful view.

Image 9


Image 10
Osello and his crew. These guys spent ALL DAY on our boat: polishing stainless steel, waxing the hull, scrubbing the decks, the wood, cleaning windows. They did an amazing job and earned their money. We gave them giant Bohemia beers at the end of the day too. Well done, guys!





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