Puerto Rico catch-up

We’ve been in Puerto Rico for almost two weeks with NO posts on eeeeeep!

Time for a photo catch-up:

Image 29

Our first port of call in Puerto Rico is Puerto Real, a very nice, sheltered anchorage. We were able to get fuel and water (free DRINKABLE water!) here as well = bonus!


Image 34

Weather-beaten, mangled boat in Puerto Real’s harbor.


Image 30

After a few days in Puerto Real, we head a short three miles south to Boqueron. It is such a short trip that we break our “no drinking while sailing” rule – Stéphane makes us Caesars – a drink that was introduced to us by our friends Michael and Lucy in George Town. It’s like a Bloody Mary but much tastier!


Image 11

Boqueron is a little village on the water that comes alive on the weekends. Its narrow cobblestone streets are lined with bars, restaurants, beach gear shops and souvenir stores. Vendors sell clams under little tents and a guy paints your sailboat – anchored out in the harbor just beyond – on cotton t-shits, $20 a pop. I took this pic for mom and dad – Sunset / Sunrise!

Image 60

They sell special drinks in Boqueron.


Image 61

Curious kitten inspecting the gringos from a safe distance.


We find a fun spot (Sunset Sunrise) to hang out and play rummy.

Image 14

Guess who won? (Not me).

Image 10

One day we walked about six miles to a Walgreens so we could purchase a new SIM card for our phone. The things we do for phone and data. Posing next to one of the many colorfully-painted cement pillars throughout Boqueron.



Selfie! We are finally able to access some good running trails. Two days in a row of exploring and running / hiking in Boqueron did our lazy legs good!!

Image 62

Our anchorage in Boqueron was quite rolly and so we took off, a few days ahead of our buddy boats, to Guilligan’s Island.

Image 63

On the sail over to Guilligan’s Island, I try some push-ups.

Image 66

Stéphane works on more boat projects. This one – sanding the cockpit drink holder.

Image 20

Guilligan’s Island (not to be confused with Gilligan’s Island) is a small island park where the locals go to grill, swim, and kayak. It is just off mainland Puerto Rico so where we anchored we access to both. We ran / hiked an 11-mile trail to an old Spanish fort one day. On the way, we checked out a 100 year-old tree.

Image 19

The one hundred year-old tree.


The old Spanish fort. Unfortunately the old stones had layers of spray painted graffiti and were gouged with names and symbols from its past visitors. No bueno.

Image 22

View from the fort looking inland.

Image 21

View from the fort looking out into the ocean.


Image 17

The bone remains of this animal were laid out quite nicely on a rock on the side of the trail.

Image 16

Hikes in the heat really sap your energy. Time for a nap in the coolest chair ever! Our friend Steve gave this to us – it’s a free-hanging hammock-style chair. It’s supported by one of our halyards.

Image 15

There’s also a resort on the mainland across from Guilligan’s Island. We dinghied over and checked it out – very nice!

Image 43

Next stop: Isla de Caja de Muertos (Coffin Island or Island of the Dead). Lighthouse on top of the hill.

Image 42

Other half of the island. Another hill with a cave that held a statue to the patron saint of fishermen.



Image 33

Stéphane is still earning is Hunter-Gatherer of the Year points – he caught this king mackerel on the way over. We grilled it that night and it fed five!

Image 35

Hike with Steve & Kelly and Mark up to the lighthouse on the hill of the island.

Image 41

Our trail was bordered on either side by enormous cacti – their branches? trunks? reaching ever skyward.

Image 39

I got a short but steep run in along the trail up the hill to the abandoned lighthouse.

Image 2

View from the top. Free Range is the boat anchored furthest to the right.

Image 32

And…we are sailing! On to the next stop: Salinas.

Image 27

We rent a car and drive to Old Town San Juan – the old Spanish fortress.

Image 30

While in San Juan, we got provisions, got to a West Marine, and got in some tourist time all in the one afternoon.



Image 28

Old cemetery near the fortress and next to the sea.

Image 9

Beers in Old Town San Juan with Steve and Mark.




Image 44

Stéphane creating a new technique for steering the dinghy – it’s all in the weight distribution!





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    • aunt sheryl on February 19, 2015 at 1:22 pm
    • Reply

    2 weeks to long for posts 4degrees here today wind chill minus 15 cabin fever sitting in enjoy seeing tropical scenes no more slacking on my entertainment be safe

    • Uncle Ant & Aunt Shelley on February 19, 2015 at 1:57 pm
    • Reply

    Great pictures, awesome job! No wild Carnival stories???????

    1. Hey you two!
      No wild Carnival stories, unfortunately. We ended up at an out-of-the-way anchorage with no access to the mainland (and no car even if we had access). That’s sort of how it goes on a sailboat. Either you’re in a super crowded anchorage next to a happening town on the water, or you’re in the middle of nowhere.

    • Grandma on February 20, 2015 at 4:38 pm
    • Reply

    You’re getting in some running, exploring, sightseeing – Bravo! XO

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