01: Preparing for the voyage
Heading East

Heading East

We left Colorado on a Thursday morning after yet another goodbye get together (“Here we go again on our own / drinking all the bottle of wine we’ve ever owned” – Tom Chamberlain). You can only say goodbye so many times – it was definitely time to get on the road. We said our tearful farewells to Dan and Karen, Tom and Melisa. And Mighty Myra… Oh, my, that was hard. I know she will be the happiest of dogs with Dan and Karen but she won’t be with me anymore and that is the hard part.


We managed to get everything we own packed into The Rogue – including mom’s pretty large wicker trunk.


Goodbye for now! We’ll be back…


It was an easy twelve hour drive to somewhere in Kansas where we found a free camp spot for the night. Then on to Cory & Gina’s in Lafayette, IN the next day. Saturday, a short 4.5 hour drive to St. Clair Shores, MI, and HOME. We had a nice get together with family – ate too much, drank too much, played euchre ’til way too late.

Me & Grandma Wilma
Us and Grams
Selfie with Cousin Anthony; Stephane photobombing.


Me & mom
The boys made a batch of dad’s awesome beef jerky. Mmmmmmmmmm

Not all fun and games in Michigan – we found and filled out our Power of Attorney forms for health and finances (just in case – you never know and it’s always better to be prepared than not).


Tomorrow we head down to Virginia to start our boat search. One thing we have been researching lately and need to know more about is sales tax. For example, if we buy our boat in Delaware, we pay zero sales tax! In Florida, it’s 6% with a max sales tax of $18,000. North Carolina is 4.75% with max of only $1,500. Very different rules depending on what state you are in. Ideally we find a boat in DE…



2 thoughts on “Heading East

    • Author gravatar

      hallo schatzli Sara und Schtephou

      we have a dream, that one day you sailed over the rainbows… heeeeeee seas….

      That dream is coming, we can feel it!

      On a vu un beau bateau rouge à vendre sur le lac de Genève si jamais. il s’appelle “Douce France”
      le safran est en état, il y a un GPS, un panneau solaire branché sur la bonne prise et un guidon. on n’a pas trouvé les pédales, mais si stéphane se met au volant, il y en aura déja une.

      C’est génial, votre aventure est déja merveilleuse. Au plaisir de vous lire et de vous voir!

      On vous aime ! GAGA LOLO et lolo

    • Author gravatar

      So Glad you two are finally Outta Here! NOW – The REAL PARTYING CAN START! Just Kidding! I’m so sorry I missed saying goodbye (again) that last night here! I’m so, so happy to be able to keep up with what’s going on with you two – during all of this! Feel kinda like the Otha Motha over here! Gotta know what’s happening, you know! Love, love, love you both! Good Luck! 🙂


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