11: Becoming Mainers
Becoming Mainers

Becoming Mainers

During our non-stop, full-on, month-long trip to Switzerland, we paused a few times to discuss (in English, a nice time-out for my brain) our potential future on the east coast in Maine. So when the Offer Of Employment from SevenBar Aviation popped into Stephane’s inbox, we already knew the answer. Although there was another potential gig on the table that paid quite a bit more, Said Gig was in New Jersey. And after much research on the two states, countless pro-con lists, and many back and fourths, in the end, the “mountains”, coast, and wild spaces of Maine won out over New Jersey and ka-ching ka-ching.


Excited to be joining the SevenBar Aviation family!


So we begin the new year in our new home, starting a new chapter of our lives: Becoming Mainers.

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