11: Becoming Mainers


One thing our sailing adventure on Free Range taught me was to be comfortable living a more ad-lib lifestyle. To-do lists, routines, and type-A personalities just don’t really mesh all that well in the Hefti household. We have learned over the last few years that we operate best as a flexible, minimalist, impromptu kind of couple.


So the fact that our beloved cabin on the lake has been sold and we’ll need to find new digs come end of June is not very daunting – just a little sad: we were just starting to reap the benefits of a lake house (of which there are zero in the winter months).


So, on to the next – bring it on. Here’s to flying by the seat of our pants and making it up in Maine as we go!

6 Potters - spring
Springtime at 6 Potters Drive: freshly-mown lawn and lots of happy, green things popping up out of the soil after their winter slumber.


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