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A Country-Kind of Wedding

A Country-Kind of Wedding

It’s 941 miles to Detroit, we’ve got a full tank of gas, a cooler full of spritzers, it’s dawn and we’re wearing sunglasses.

Hit it!


We kick off the week-long festivities with a non-eventful but full-on day of driving to St. Clair Shores for the wedding of my big brother Pete to his girlfriend (now wife!) of four years, Ryan.



Stephane stepped up to the plate and did a masterful job of officiating the ceremony. Bravo Bug!
In addition to investing in my very first pair of cowboy boots, which I love, I also had the pleasure of standing up with three very lovely and fun ladies – Nora, Emily and Heather. Congratulations to Nora (dark purple flowers) on her seventh and final showing as a bridesmaid (I kid you not) – put away the bridesmaid dresses and kick off the cowboy boots girl: you are officially retired!
Notice the belt buckle bling – the guys all received nice leather belts and ridiculously large (but oddly, they work) belt buckles with the initial of their last name. “H” for Hefti, etc.
Dan and his sweet and fun girlfriend, Chantel (note the belt buckle bling).
Pre-wedding contemplation. With beer.
The wedding party rides in style.
“Hey! Your tag’s showing!” Can you tell they are brothers, or what?


After what seemed like several hours of posing in various positions (both casual – “look away and laugh!” and formal – “take off your sunglasses, smile, and look at the camera”) and settings (chapel, train, park, limo), our very thorough photographer freed us to go eat, drink, and be merry with the rest of the wedding guests (who thought we had gotten into an accident on the way over because we were taking so long).
Pete & Brian
A good time was had by all.
The bartenders mixed the drinks too strongly, the DJ played the music too loudly, and the guests were too rowdy: it was the perfect Trombley wedding reception.
Mom and dad cuttin’ the rug.
Scott & Missy.
The “church lady” and Care-Bear.
Pete singing country and posing with his new ball and chain.
Photo Booth Madness
Just hanging out with my new sis!


Me and my guy!


Fun on the dance floor!


Father and sons.


Happy couple! It was the most perfect, awesomely fun, so Y-O-U two kind of day. Thank you Pete & Ryan for letting us share in your day! We love you SO much and are over-the-moon excited and happy for you two! Ryan, my sister, welcome to the family. We love you!

4 thoughts on “A Country-Kind of Wedding

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      As always well said Sareeee !!!!!xoxo

    • Author gravatar

      What a lovely reason to have a family reunion! Congrats Pete & Ryan! Sara, the dress/boot combo is awesome! Miss you!

    • Author gravatar

      It was so cool looking at these pictures! Thank you, Sara, for sending them to me. It’s hard to believe that I had all 3 of you as students since you were little ones and have done so well! I LOVE the picture of your Mom and Dad!!! They look fantastic! Please give them my best regards. Congratulations to Pete and his new bride!

      Love ya,

      “Miss Holly”

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