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Home Again

Home Again

Note to self:

When going on a road trip to Michigan from Maine, knowing that the route will go through Canada, please remember to bring your passport with you next time.

Because we all know that the very best part of a road trip is the beginning: the excitement of leaving home, cooler packed with spritzers and snacks for the road, podcasts downloaded and ready to be listened to, the road opening up before you, the anticipation of the upcoming days off. The middle and end parts of the road trip you tend to find yourself “in the driving zone” (middle) and then “ready to be done” (end). But the beginning? That’s magic. And nothing kills the magic faster than having to turn around and go home an hour into the trip. You get ONE shot to set the proper road trip vibe – it is a precious moment that fades all too quickly into the monotonous grind that it actually is. And I ruined it by forgetting my passport. Son of a….!!

After a grueling twenty hours on the road, we made it to Exit 222 – St. Helen, Michigan – the cottage!

Euchre on the deck at the cottage. All Or Nothing!!!!

We were only able to spend a day and a half up at the cottage with Pete and Ryan, but we had a fabulous time nonetheless.

Soaking up the sun on the new pontoon boat! What an upgrade from The Green Machine!
Ryan set up a special chair just for Myra.


She really loved that camp chair.
So the cottage has definitely seen better days but thankfully it will be getting a face lift this year thanks to mom and dad! I have decided that I should begin the demo early. Because I watch HGTV and am therefore qualified to swing a heavy hammer at walls and such.


Heading south to St. Clair Shores for the final few days of our trip, Mom and Grandma threw us a wonderful Baby Cub Shower!


Thank you for the super cute cake, Aunt Chris! (We still do not know if Baby Cub will be a boy or a girl. According to The Cake Oracle, we are having a girl…something to it?)


Aunt Shelley made this fabulous fruit art arrangement. Too pretty to eat! Thank you Aunt Shelley!!


A wonderful afternoon filled with talking, laughter, generosity, smiles, sweetness, and love. I am so blessed to have such amazing women in my life. I only wish I could spend more of my life with them.
The trip home would not be complete without eating some kind of yummy grilled food. This time around – chicken burgers (which I am now obsessed with). You can put so many different things in them – dried cherries, nuts, cheese, etc. soooooo good.

It was a whirlwind of a trip home, as usual, but, as always, so worth it. While we aren’t in love with Maine, it is nice to be a day’s (albeit long) drive from home. Because it’s always good to be home again.

A big huge special thanks to Grams and Mom for throwing me the bestest shower for Baby Cub! Love you both so much!!!

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      Sara my dear, you are soooo welcome. My pleasure. I’m in the process of setting up Skype on my computer so I will be able to see and “hear” the new little one. Can’t wait. Is it a boy? – is it a girl? only time will tell. It won’;t be long now. Love to you and also to papa to be. XXOO

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