14. Land of Enchantment
In Limbo (I mean, Michigan)

In Limbo (I mean, Michigan)

After seven hours of packing the “schnick schnack” (the last little odds and ends that we thought would take only a half hour to square away), multiple trips down the driveway to add to the growing pile of trash bags and recycleables, and a final walk through, we finally loaded up Hugo and Myra and set off on our new adventure!

Stephane found the cutest hotel, Publick House – somewhere in Massachusets. Dog friendly, quiet, and clean. Score!


A compound of a hotel, Publick House is comprised of multiple buildings of various ages and a lush grounds crisscrossed with walkways; it all looked so very homey from the window of the Tig as I drove through it in the morning, on the road out. No time to explore – gotta keep to the road and the schedule!


Day Two: in between the bad service plaza food (chicken McNuggets, etc.), funny looks from truckers while pumping and driving, and car seat breaks for Hugo, we receive news that we have scored a short-term rental in Los Alamos! (well, Jemez Springs, a half hour west, but beggars can’t be choosers). Yes!!!! A big relief for us and now Stephane can head directly to New Mexico instead of crashing at The Little House in Montrose.

Cleveland, rolling out the red carpet.


Day Three, heard through the static of my walkie-talkie: “I love you! Happy anniversary!”


We celebrate our #3 in true Hefti fashion: nomads on the road, homeless with all of our belongings in tow. Parting ways in the parking lot of the Cleveland Red Roof Inn, Hugo, Myra and I, Tig + trailer are off to Michigan while Stephane heads down US Route 66, truck + Baby Bison in tow, en route to our final destination. I am a little jealous as I click off the walkie-talkie for the last time. Road trips are fun, made particularly more exciting when you are driving to your new home for the first time. Except we aren’t too keen on giving Hugo car seat-related PTSD.  So to Michigan we go, to relax, enjoy some family time, and take a breath before the next step.



Having a blast with grammy and his new toy.


Stephane made it to the land of brilliant blue skies and red rocks.

Our new base camp. We call it “Hidden House”.


Meanwhile, back in Michigan, THIS is happening. Yes folks, he is sitting up now!


And he has WAY too much fun with grampie.


So much fun, in fact, that bed time is now a struggle. And the routine is out the window. But whatevs. We’re having a good old time in Michigan.


Bath time with grammie is SO much more fun and interesting than bath time with mommy.


This is what bath time looks like in New Mexico. Hot springs just fifteen minutes from Hidden House!


And a cool little cowboy saloon. Yes, please!


Stephane scouted out some great little climbing spots just off the road. Easy access to climbing will be nice with Hugo. We still haven’t figured out how we are actually going to be able to climb with Hugo in tow, but we have some ideas brewing…


Trails and climbing galore, bright blue sky, no bugs, dry heat, wide, open space. It’s looking good so far, people! I am so excited to get there and see for myself! Next week Montrose, and then we’ll head down to our new home in New Mexico.

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