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Fifteen Months

Fifteen Months

My name is Hugo Jürg Hefti and I am fifteen months old.


There are tons of playgrounds in our new town. Mommy and Daddy found one that has the perfect-sized steps and slide for me. I go down head-first all the time. Because if it isn’t dangerous, it isn’t worth doing!
My first words were: “blah blah, blah blah, blah blah” in a very sing-song, sarcastic tone, JUST LIKE momma when daddy talks shop…(mom says “oops”)…


Words I can say in addition to blah blah: mama, buh-bye, and *sometimes* dadddda
My favorite things are my books. I pick the one I want to read and bring it to mom or dad. Baby Farm Animals, My First Counting Book (Little Golden Books from Grammie) and Polk-A-Dot (thank you Krugmans) are my current preferred reading material.


Baby Farm Animals is the best!


I also enjoy my Hello! (Highlights) magazine that Dr. & Mrs. B send me every month.
I took my first steps on my Nani’s birthday – December 7th. Also pictured here are Mr. Snuggles and Mrs. Hedgehog (before her dryer accident, now we call her Grandma Hedge).


Toilet paper was sooooo three months ago.


The new thing is ladders.


Mom takes me hiking all over the place. I really like being in my pack, except for when mom tries to “run” – it gets a little bouncy. Now that we live near pavement, she runs with me in the stroller – WAY smoother.
I also get rides in “the chariot”. This thing is pretty slick. Now that it’s winter, mom puts the plastic covers down to keep out the cold and a blanket over me and we cruise around town.
Mom and dad like to climb up rocks. They take me with them on their climbing trips – we get to sleep in the camper and hike around all over the place. When I’m bigger, I’ll climb with them too.


For now, I just practice on the low rocks. Mom and dad even bought me a climbing harness and a helmet! I’ll be big enough to fit into them soon.


When we go on climbing trips, I get to sleep in my cool little tent.


I like scrambling around on rocks and being outside. It’s the best.


I can eat with a fork and spoon now (sort of). Yogurt and oats is the easiest to eat. Applesauce is a bit runny and I usually get more on myself than in my mouth.
Daddy’s my favorite. Mom’s okay too, but daddy is just so cool.


I helped daddy wash his helicopter the other day.
I have my own helicopter too! It’s from Nanni and Ninni. It’s a magnetic puzzle. Sometimes I can get the main roter on but mom has to help me with the other pieces.


I like to steal mom and dad’s phones – these phones are very interesting to me. It seems that they are supposed to be for talking but I see people stare at them more than talk to them. Mom always takes her phone away from me when I find it – ugh! That makes me scream.
I have eight teeth now and I just started brushing them! I really like the apple-flavored training toothpaste. I ask mommy to put it on my toothbrush and then I suck it off. She tries to brush my teeth but I run away!



I share the floor with this other creature – her name is Myra. She has stinky breath and likes to lick my face. Whenever I eat, Myra stays REALLY close to me. Sometimes I throw food on the floor not because I don’t want it, but because I know Myra REALLY wants it. It tastes WAY better than her food (I know because I ate some back when I was a baby, and it did not taste right).


I try my best to help out at home. Here’s me helping with the laundry.


And I help in the kitchen too! Mostly I pull all of items out of my special drawer and lay them on the floor so mom can see what’s available.


Just last night I started playing hide and seek with daddy! I go into the cupboard and close the door. Then I wait for a second, open the door, and scream! You wouldn’t believe it, but mommy and daddy are SO surprised EVERY time – it’s like they forget where I am or something. They’re a little weird when they pander to me like that.


I made my mark in the basement! Mommy and daddy are going to keep track of my height on the basement pole, just like Grammie and Grampie did for mommy and Uncle Pete & Dan when they were little. Fifteen months!



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      Sara, what a wonderful collection of pictures of our darling Hugo! I just love, love the one of Hugo on his tricycle. Is there any way you can send that one one to me via email. Just the one – and not the huge sized one, just standard – so I can print it – and post it on my frig. I don’t have any updated pictures. I’m in desperate need!

      Love you all very much – and Happy Birthday – coming up on the 30th.

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      oh my goodness, this post just made my day!!

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      FABULOUS ghost-writing to celebrate Hugo’s 1st 15 months. Love the pictures AND the quips!!

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      So cute i see a lot of Pete especially in the over halls hope all is well hugs and kisses aunt Shelley

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