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Life in Los Alamos & photo catch-up

Life in Los Alamos & photo catch-up

A photo catch-up of our life in northern New Mexico (since the last post was so wordy)

We bought a house! I like to call it the Ugly Duckling because even though real estate is so hot in Los Alamos, no one wanted to touch this one with a ten foot pole (except us). Projects have begun.

And I won’t bore with you with all of them, but here’s a few of the fun ones:

The entryway: Stéphane build a storage bench + mirror. The seat flips up for shoe storage beneath.


The living room: the previous owner took his wood-burning stove. Stéphane installed this super cool natural gas fireplace.
“Light Among The Ruins” in Jemez Springs, NM – farolitos (brown paper bags with a little sand for weight and a candle inside) line the old pueblo ruins. An annual event around Christmas-time.



The photos don’t capture the beauty of this evening!


Inside the ruins of the old church.


Work-wise, Stéphane and the crew of Classic 1 Los Alamos have been working hard taking good care of the injured people in our community. The scenery of northern New Mexico is beautiful, particularly where we are in Los Alamos and the Jemez Mountains.


Helping daddy wash the helicopter!


Hugo is in constant motion these days: walking, running, dancing, climbing, “swimming”, and falling.

Jammin’ out to Buffalo Soldier. Already he has better moves than mommy and daddy (sigh).


First time at the pool! Thank you Cindy & Sally for the life jacket!!


Clambering around in the dirt (and eating some of it).


Hanging out with his girl, Myra.


Pulling his little wagon around the living room.


*Almost* big enough for his little hand-me-down trike (from cousin Jack – thank you Jack!).


Rocking the yellow puffy.


Since I don’t fly a shiny helicopter, posts about my job are not nearly as exciting. So instead of that pretty bird, here’s my face – grinning because I’m on one of a PLETHORA of awesome trails in the area – and I’ll tell you that my business is growing and doing very well! I’ve added another client this past year and am enjoying both the challenge of working for myself and of mommy-ing. We are blessed that we get to keep Hugo home with us all the time and still both work. Some days are more trying than others but our little family rocks and makes it happen.


Myra will be eight years old this year. She is still out pounding the dirt with me, running her tail off.


This week we took a little trip to check out “the best bouldering in New Mexico” (Ponderosa). We had never bouldered before but thought it might be something fun to try, especially with Hugo running around now.


Stéphane scampers up the routes.
Me: what now???
Digging the crash pad.
Assessment of bouldering after trying it for the first time: glad we BORROWED the crash pad and didn’t invest in one 😉 We’re climbers – give us a rope and some vertical rock and let us go that-a-way.


We SO look forward to having visitors! Thank you to all of our family and friends who have come down to The Land of Enchantment to stay and play with us. You ALL have an open invitation!!! Please come!!


Mom & Dad!


Tom & Melisa came out for the Fourth of July – our first visitors!
We had a blast checking out the local climbing area.


Stéphane’s parents, Maria and Jürg, came out for a visit from Switzerland! We enjoyed showing them the trails, local hot springs, and they even came out on a camping/climbing trip with us.
Maria and I jamming around the campfire.
A fun climbing trip to Tres Piedras.
Hugo’s Auntie V came out to visit us from chilly Maine.
Albuquerque Hot Air Ballon Festival was amazing. We went to “the glow” in the evening where the balloons are inflated but stay tethered to the ground.


Had to get a photo of that one 😉
Brother Dan and his girlfriend Jess came to visit (twice now, yeah!).


You are now caught up on all things Hefti! Come visit us in Los Alamos! It is a beautiful area and we will show you a good time 🙂 To all our friends and family, Happy New Year! Here’s to a fabulous 2018 for you all. We are so blessed to have each and every one of you in our lives!

10 thoughts on “Life in Los Alamos & photo catch-up

    • Author gravatar

      Seriously, I was just bragging about your sweet family and how handy Stephane is, and I come to check Facebook and see your eeep post. Love you all, Hugo is growing too fast and Stephane amazing additions to your house, and Sara can you please blog for me?

      • Author gravatar

        Love you Sarah!! Hugo is walking (running too!), sliding down the stairs, climbing ladders, and moving ALL. DAY. LONG. Nonstop. We miss you and your sweet family!!! I can’t believe how grown-looking your kiddos are (loved the Christmas card)!!

    • Author gravatar

      Two posts in one week?!? ? I love ALL the photos naturally! I’m so happy to see y’all flourishing! Miss you and big hugs from deep frozen Maine (how I miss just chilly ?)!

    • Author gravatar

      Wow — you’ve had LOTS of visitors to NM already!! You REALLY know how to show friends and family a GREAT time!! May I be next, PLEASE?

      So glad both sets of parents have been there & that the Swiss Heftis have finally met Hugo!!

      Life in NM clearly fits you~

      Posted from Maine, where the HIGH temp today is 2F (!).

    • Author gravatar

      WOW! Busy and happy with trails and rocks to explore. You had a lot of visitors, too. We hope you will stop by Aspen Ridge Alpacas for a visit with the alpacas and dogs.

      • Author gravatar

        Busy busy busy, Mickey! Hope things are great up in La Cueva! We miss our old neighborhood but are very happy in our new home and Los Alamos is a great little town. Looks like the corner pizza restaurant may be opening soon?

    • Author gravatar

      Fabulous photo’s . The house looks really interesting too. You guy’s look like you found true home. Xo

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