14. Land of Enchantment


On October Third, our curious, loving, free-spirited little boy turned two.

Sporting a grouse(?) feather he found while on a camping trip up in The Jemez with daddy.

We have all had quite the year together: moving into our first REAL home (like, actually ours and not rented by the month), potty training, lots of climbing trips, a big international trip to Switzerland, and all the little things in between.

Walking Myra around the ‘hood.


“Reading” Mr. Paint Pig’s Alphabet in the camper before bed (thanks for the recommendation, Aunt Chris!)

Each passing month we have found our climbing trips a little easier. The game-changer was turning the car seat around to face forward: immediately we noticed how much quieter he became; now able to stare out the window at the landscape, animals, and cars go by.

“Reading” and playing with his cars on his orange blanket next to our climbing spot.


No, he’s not at the dentist getting a root canal – it’s Hugo’s first push-up popsicle!
Every time we drive by the hospital (behind which sits the helicopter), Hugo waves and shouts. He loves helping daddy wash the helicopter and is always looking up to the sky when he hears any sky noise.


Family climbing trips are becoming much easier and way more enjoyable now that Hugo is able to be a little more independent at the crag.


The MVP for this particular trip was the John Deere tractor and trailer.


Hugo loves hiking on trails with us, and trail running with momma.


Tooth brushing is fun when I can do it with daddy!


Veggies at 11,000 feet (Molas Pass). Hug has become a seasoned camper and road tripper.
On his very first international flight this past August, to Switzerland.
Hanging at the crag, munching on a cracker while mommy and daddy get some climbs in.
Happy birthday, sweet little Hugo! We love you to the moon and back!

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