03: The Refit
Morehead City

Morehead City

We are so happy to be in calm water and at a safe, solid anchorage at Morehead City, we think we’ll stay for a day.

Image 19
We find a grocery store and dock the dinghy a few blocks from it, grab some groceries and dinghy-it back to Free Range.
Image 3
First successful grocery-shopping-by-dinghy operation!
Image 5
There’s a Seafood Festival going on – lots of greasy food and random vendors. We saw these chairs that totally remind us of Tom and Melisa- the AOD thrones!
Image 20
Giant crab-boil pot (this reminds us of Dan).
Image 21
Image 4
There’s Free Range!
Image 8
There’s actually a dock here but you can’t see it – high tide!


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