17. Wyoming


Welcome to the Hefti family, little Freja! Freja was born January 18th and we got to pick her up in Worland, WY on March 9th. She is mostly potty-trained now: to let us know she needs to go, she rings bells that we’ve hung from the front door. She is still very much in puppy mode: lots of nipping and chewing; her favorite thing to do is chase Hugo and go turbo. Freja’s favorite items to chew are dirty socks and underwear (and, unfortunately, poop). She is spunky, naughty, frustrating, sweet, fun, and pretty dang smart. And we love her.

I still forget and call her Myra sometimes.

First family photo with Freja!
All smiles 🙂
Flying home with Freja.
She’s so little.
Lots of napping.
Riverside napping.
A boy and his dog.
Learning the ropes at camp.
She has a knack for getting into dirt.
Loves chomping on her yellow squeaky duck.

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