05: Cruising: Bahamas
Island Hopping

Island Hopping

After a busy, fun week in Staniel Cay topped off by a starter scare, we are ready to move along. Our merry band of two boats has expanded to four: Paul and Phyllis on s/v (that stands for “sailing vessel”) Caper, Bill Roy on s/v Providence, our buddies David and Nikki on Surely Boo and us.


The four of us race to the next island along the Exumas (we literally race, which makes it more fun. Except Surely Boo are amazing racers and beat us every time. I think we’re getting a little better though).


We drop anchor with 40 other boats in Black Point. This place is a good stop-over as it offers free trash disposal, free water, and cheap laundry.

Image 4
If you get lost on Black Point, something is definitely wrong – look at this excellent signage!!


Image 7
A view of our Black Point anchorage.


Image 8
Lunch buffet at Lorraine’s cafe.


Image 9
Our excellent lunch buffet included mac n cheese, bbq chicken wings, curry chicken wings, fried lobster, fried fish, and some veggies.
Image 11
A mural at Lorraine’s cafe depicting the Black Point anchorage.
Image 10
Adderley’s Grocery Store. Not much here but a few canned goods. We got there just in time as they’d just gotten in a shipment of fresh goods – one large box filled with a few tomatoes, green bell peppers, some onions, and one package of hot dogs.

Next day and a new island: Little Farmer’s Cay and a small, beach anchorage right in front of Ty’s Sunset Bar & Grill. Stéphane and I explore a local cave before we meet the gang at Ty’s. Over rum drinks and dinner, we plan our route for the next day’s big journey to the place we’ve been talking about since the beginning of all of this: the cruiser’s Mecca: George Town.

Image 12
Providence and Caper racing along (Surely Boo was too far ahead to include in the photo!)
Image 13
Cautiously approaching our new anchorage at Little Farmer’s Cay – were able to find and anchor in deep enough water for once!
Image 15
Hike to the secret cave.
Image 16
The cave – stalactites and stalagmites and and a fresh water pool. We passed a group on our way down that were headed up to the cave to snorkel with flash lights!
Image 17
New and old friends! Paul and Phyllis (Caper) and Bill Roy (Providence). We actually met Bill at No Name Harbor before we crossed The Gulf.
Image 18
Planning session for the next day’s sail. Confirming the route with the pros.
Image 21
Cheers! As Bill Roy says, “This does not suck!”
Image 20
Sunset. Free Range on the right.
Image 19
Looking for the green flash at sunset.
Image 23
Dinner time!
Image 22
A fun night with friends.


Image 1
This post would not be complete without another shot of our Free Range! She’s keeping us safe and taking us to amazing places.

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      Some sort of a bug got a hold of me so haven;t been on line for over a week. Just caught up with your last 6 postings. Lovely to see you and Stephane enjoying your island hopping. How about those tan bodies! and Sara, love your island dress!

      • Author gravatar

        Hello Grandma! Doesn’t she look gorgeous in that dress? 🙂

      • Author gravatar

        Hi Grams!
        I hope you are feeling better now?! You never get sick!! We are definitely enjoying the island hopping although now we are on a “break” from that as we are in George Town, where ALL the cruisers go and most stay for the entire winter! We’ll stay for a bit but we’ll get a move on further south in a week or so, I think.

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