06: Cruising: The Caribbean
Speed Tourism

Speed Tourism

It’s the latest trend, created by and us and practiced probably only by us: Speed Tourism. Because you can’t see everything and some things require less time than others.


Image 56
9am – Depart Culebra and a quick sail to Culebrita, a little island just north and east of Culebra.



Image 60
10am – Drop anchor in the most scenic anchorage ever.

10:15am – snorkel

Image 63
11am – dinghy to shore and hike up to old lighthouse.


Image 57
11:20am – scold Stéphane for climbing old lighthouse with crumbling walls.


11:35am – praise Stéphane for the amazing photos he took atop the crumbling walls of the lighthouse.

Image 59
Our Culebrita anchorage from the lighthouse.
Image 61
Lighthouse ruins.



noon – back in boats and off to St. Thomas


Image 1
3:30pm – drop anchor in St. Thomas anchorage. (Our first anchorage in St. Thomas – right in front of then airport – Jet Blue taking off over Slow Flight).


4:30pm – dingy’d to shore enjoying the local drinks with a view




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