09: The Great White Buffalo
Adventures Closer to Home

Adventures Closer to Home

We finished our Great Northern Rockies Roadtrip with a spur-of-the-moment push south, back home to Colorado, to spend the weekend in Escalante climbing with Team Duck Tape.

Stephane gears up for the only climb we could find in the shade.
A curvaceous crack.
Happy to be on some rock again.
Cooling off in a nearby creek.






A fun weekend with friends. And yes, we do look like we just popped out of a toaster. It was that hot.



We spend a solid 4.5 days in Montrose: Stephane chasing job possibilities, me working and setting up my portfolio in hopes of drumming up more contract gigs. Myra gets a bone stuck in her intestine and after several trips to the vet, we confirm she has cleared it (paid $100 for the x-ray to prove this, even after me digging through every piece of her poo). It’s Friday – let’s roll out.


The little “town” of Sargents, CO (it’s more like a gas station / general store, mechanic, post office, and six homes), a couple hoursĀ east of Montrose, is our stomping ground for the weekend.


It’s a dirt biking (the boys) / trail running (me & Myra) kind of weekend. The weather is cool and the mountains await..


Tom poses next to Charlie’s new 450 “death bike”.


The indomitable Shadow Cruiser.


Bones and such.


A shout out to Gilbert and Andrew – two hunters I met while on a trail run. They lent me one of their extra orange safety vests so that I wouldn’t be mistaken for a deer or elk while running. THANK YOU, boys! I did return your vest and hope that I dropped it at the right camp spot!


Campfire jamb session – pass the tequila.


Myra dreams of a tasty, grilled chicken thigh.


Charlie & Tom


After three days of fun, time to head back to MoTown. Stephane guides The Great White Buffalo down a steep section.

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