11: Becoming Mainers
Free Range Update

Free Range Update


Remember that time when we bought a sailboat and went for a 9-month sail? Well we are happy to report that our beloved Free Range is having a great Chapter Three of life down in Antigua with her new owners.

Neem (a.k.a Free Range) sporting a more subdued, taupe-colored stripe. The new owners also extended the stripe of color all the way forward to the bow and backwards to the stern.
Image 1
For comparison, Free Range with her old blue stripe. At anchor in Little Farmer’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas. Ahhhhhh.


Styling with brand-new cushion covers! Bright, cheery island yellow.


Image 46
The original blue cushion covers.


Here she is under sail as a Canadian boat (her owners are from Nova Scotia) and with new lettering / name.


I do have to say I prefer our choice of font 😉


Image 49
A multi-national sailing vessel! Sail on, Free Range!!







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