11: Becoming Mainers


During our sailing adventure, Stéphane and I had the pleasure of spending time with Paul Denton, fellow sailor and adventurer extraordinaire. We met Paul in the Bahamas and buddy-boated with him and a few others – island-hopping around the Exumas, sharing meals and stories on each others’ boats at night; bonding and enjoying life together in a way so very different from how it is done on land in the M-F 9-5 Life.


He was a quiet man but once engaged on a topic, witty and generous with stories of his time sailing and exploring the world. He was encouraging of and so very inspiring to Stéphane and I.


Monday night Paul took his life.


His last note to friends spoke of his unbearable struggle with depression and loneliness. I would not ever have guessed he possessed these inner demons. We had no clue.


And so, dear Paul, fair winds and following seas, friend.


Be at peace now.


Image 17
Paul, Phyllis, me, Stéphane, & Bill. Farmer’s Cay, Exumas, Bahamas.
Image 18
Planning the next day’s sailing route and getting some advice from the pros.

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      So sorry to read about your friend Paul’s untimely death — from your description and pictures, he seemed like a lovely man, and surely deserving of the companionship & happiness he sought in this life. May he find peace in the next one.

      On a happier note, I’m glad to see how fabulous & happy you two look (albeit bugged… through the summer), and ready to welcome Baby Cub! Glad you’ve passed the diaper training and had some lovely showers to finalize your baby prep. Will look forward to hearing the happy news later this month.

      Still love to host you in Southern Maine — always think of you two when I hear a night-time helicopter or see LifeFlight in the news. Stay safe — and I hope Myra’s ready to share your love!

      Best to you both~

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        Hi Julie,
        So good to hear from you! Baby Cub (Hugo!) has arrived on the scene and Stéphane and I couldn’t be happier. Myra has been very curious, sweet, and gentle with Hugo- we knew she would be 🙂

        Same goes for you – if you are ever up in our neck of the woods, we would love to host you. Yes, we were definitely “bugged” by the bugs this summer but I have to say that fall is where it is at for Maine- the best of all seasons by far in our opinion.

        Hope all is well for you Julie!!
        Sara & Stéphane

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