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The Magic Coffee Table

The Magic Coffee Table

He has many names:

The Curve-Breaker (coined by our group because he is so amazing at pretty much everything)

AirWolf (remember that 80s high-tech helicopter show?)



And in the last two weeks, a new one has emerged:

The Magic Coffee Table


Yes, you read right. The Magic Coffee Table. Just check out this short video and you will start to understand why:

The Magic Coffee Table


Having lost three times the normal amount of blood during delivery along with the typical wears and tears (literally; ouch) that occur with a natural birth, I was pretty wrecked and exhausted once Hugo joined us. The second we arrived home to Hurd House, the day after Hugo was born, Stéphane was in instant caretaker mode.

Knowing how I hate clutter, he is in a constant buzz around the house: folding baby blankets, re-arranging pillows that had been tossed to the floor after failed breastfeeding attempts, and washing Hugo’s pee-stained onesies (we’ve since figured out the penis has to be pointed DOWN before closing the diaper; the pile of pee-stained onesies has greatly diminished since this breakthrough).


Chef Hefti working on his latest bread masterpiece.


Stéphane zooms around the house in constant work mode: sweeping up the never-ending piles of Myra’s hair, baking amazing oatmeal and walnut breads, making homemade yogurts, and cooking up fabulously tasty, nutritious meals. Washing clothes, dishes, floors, and butts (Hugo’s thankfully, not mine); caring for Hugo so I can catch up on sleep and get my strength back.


Some of Stéphane’s bread experiments – the middle one is a pain d’épi – you can pull apart each section and it is made to look like a stalk of wheat.


Another of Stéphane’s fabulous bread creations. It would have been really nice with a glass of the Chianti too, except we are still in Parenting 101: Survival Mode. The alcohol/parenting combo just seems way out of our league at the moment.


The second he learned that the proper position for breastfeeding is 90 / 90 (ninety degrees at the knees and then again at the back – straight posture), Stéphane disappeared down to the garage. The whirring of drills and other such tools ensued and a short time later he emerged with a stool – topped with a scrap of carpet – for my feet: to help me attain the 90 degree knee bend while sitting in the La-Z Boy chair (my legs being too short otherwise).


The La-Z Boy chair + stool ready for action.


Homemade mixed berry yogurt, homemade oatmeal bread, and some fabulous eggs. SUNNY SIDE UP – finally get to eat runny yolk again (yum!)


Yet another amazing meal – roast in a red wine sauce with brussel sprouts and homemade bread.


Waking up for the fifth time that night for my hourly pumping, I entered the living room which had been transformed into a calming environment: la-z boy chair prepped with boppy pillow and supporting pillows, fire going, mellow music playing softly in the background. Lactation tea in a mug next to my pump, and a zip-lock baggy holding buttered, homemade oatmeal bread as a snack and delivering a special message: I Love You! You may think “cheesy”, but let me tell you, when your body is torn up and exhausted along with your emotions and you are trying to figure out how to take care of an actual human being that you grew; throw in a little sleep-deprivation and hunger and make it 3am:  tell me THEN how amazing that zip-lock baggy and its message becomes. It’s all about perspective. And it’s looking pretty fabulous from mine.

Ziplock baggy delivering food for the body (consumed immediately) and a little for the heart 😉



Hard-boiled eggs and homegrown tomatoes (courtesy of Dave Burr – thank you very much sir!!)


A list of foods that reduce milk production. Always looking out for me.


So yes, this post is super braggadocious on my part but I am just so proud of Stéphane; proud to call him mine and proud of the amazing husband and father that he is. The Hefti Clan of Maine, now numbering three, is hanging tough and figuring it out.


Some more pics of our sweet little Hugo:


Hugo’s first bath!


Hugo sleeping (he sleeps a lot – they tell me this is normal for a newborn).


Testing out the Boba Wrap. It’s hands-free except I don’t want to take my hands off him!


Posing with the little man; fall colors / Phillips Lake in the background.


More posing with Hugo.


Our new little family.


So, I was thinking that all I needed to lug Hugo around was a Boba Wrap. We were given a hand-me-down stroller for when Hugo is bigger but didn’t think we needed a stroller for newborn. WELL, let me tell you, getting this one was a game-changer. It is a jogger (for when Hugo is bigger) and we can click Hugo’s car seat into it and GO. This stroller thing – what a fabulous invention! BIG shout-out to Ma and Pa Stew for the gift of this jogging stroller – we are calling it the StewMobile 😉


And one more of Hugo Bear.

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      That little Hugo is TOO CUTE!!! Love the look he’s giving Stéphane in the tub!! How much does he weigh now — need it for sizing, please. Gray with white in the baby clothes is great – is that color preferred?

      Yay, Stéphane, what a lovely man you are to take such great care of everyone! Sara, you are SO smart for choosing such a winner!!!

      Look forward to catching up by phone when I won’t worry about waking you. I’m sending peace & recovering sleep vibes to you, Sara.

      Hugs to all~

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