16: Virginia
First Days in Virginia

First Days in Virginia

Wherein the Heftis share lots of yummy meals with Trombleys & Co., celebrate the holidays, explore the area, and find the rhythm in the everyday.

Mountain bike ride in Smithfield; Hugo did a great job on the trail!
The trail was completely covered in slippery leaves and roots – a fun trail – wish it were longer! Smithfield is a very quaint little town; Victorian mansions line the narrow road leading into town and a calm river peeks out in between the colorful homes.
We found a trail!
It’s official. Go Team Trombley!
Thankful at Thanksgiving.
The annual Christmas Tree hunt. This time we did it a tree farm instead of national forest (tree farm was much closer)
We found her! She reminded us of a Dr. Seuss tree, or the Grinch’s head.
We had so much fun with Bradley!! Hugo misses him and can’t wait for his next visit.
Trail run at the Nolan Trail. Lots of people and signs, but very happy to have this nearby!
I found this very interesting – every root was spray painted (I guess to keep you from tripping?)
Lots of pretty lakes and trees around the Nolan Trail.
Little Chef Hefi helps bigger Chef hefti grade the mozzarella for homemade pizzas.
Hugo’s letter to Santa (he asked for a bubble maker).
Farmhouse Brewery was awesome. Great beers, tasty food available to be sampled from a variety of food trucks, and lots of kids running around in the yard surrounding the farmhouse.
Cheers! T-shirts in mid-December!
There aren’t a lot of trails nearby, so Stephane gave in and is giving road biking a shot.
Working on writing, math, shapes, etc. Workbooks rock!
We learned about the differences between stinging nettles and dead nettles. The next time we went on a hike, Hugo pointed to a little bush and asked if it was stinging nettles. Love the curiosity and the memory
‘Tis the season for my favorite meal (raclette).
Gingerbread house precariously held up by q-tip shafts (toothpicks were nowhere to be found).
Hugo helps Stephane make his yummy lemon cookies.
We discovered a flat and fast trail just down the road. Hugo flies!
We read a lot of books each day.
The most recent “Kiwi Crate” project – a claw!
The claw, completed.
Discovering a new trail in Ragged Island
The was an interesting “trail” – part dirt, part boardwalk, part sand / beach. We only made it one mile out; I look forward to running this on my own and seeing what kind of distance can be looped together between the marshes and streams in this area.
At the Norfolk Zoo.
Bamboo maze at the Norfolk Zoo. The afternoon we spent there was so odd – we saw only two other families the entire time! We had the entire zoo to ourselves and enjoyed front row seats to the giraffes, lions, rhinos, and tigers.
Settling in to Virginia and wishing you all a Happy New Year!!

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      Excellent job making that terrific claw, Hugo!! And gosh, having a private tour of the zoo is one of the (few) benefits of this pandemic, so enjoy those crowd-free adventures while they last. Just think, the animals all got to really see you too!

      Congratulations to Dan & Jess!! I wish you all the best that marriage can offer ā€” and most of all, a LONG and HAPPY life together.

      And lastly, Iā€™m glad you are finding some good family trails for biking, and some good local beer to quench the after-thirst ā€” all priority items for Hefti adventures! Enjoy~

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